Creekside Vendor Terms and Conditions

Payment for Food Vendor Reservation & Sign-Up Process

Creekside bookings must be approved by a staff member prior to arrival.  Creekside will collect 10% of gross sales at the end of shift.   A Creekside staff member must verify sales via EOD report from your POS.  


Creekside strives to keep cost down for our food truck partners.  Having said this, we retain the rights for exclusivity for drinks. Blondie’s Bar to have exclusivity for all drinks served. 


This event is heavily advertised to tourists and locals in the Knoxville area. We are committed to drawing attendance and spending money on ads for this loved food establishment. No food vendor or truck is guaranteed an individual promotion, but we do our best to promote our food trucks. We would anticipate and expect that all food trucks also promote their location and business.

Acceptable forms of payment:

Food Trucks must check out at the end of the event with cash or check.  They may also complete an invoice via debit or credit card with a 1.5% processing fee.  

Please email your sales report to:

Subject Line: Sales Report, DATE of EVENT, & Name of Business Example: Sales Report, 4/2/22, Taco Grill

Acceptable formats of sales report:

Official Square, Clover, or other POS system/printed report in a forwarded email, JPG, PNG, PDF, or a copy of the sales report with the program header or footer information. Sorry, no verbal reports are accepted. 

Acceptable formats of cash sales: Cash sales may be reported on your POS system with card payments or you may use a handwritten ledger to account for cash sales. Sorry no verbal reports are accepted.

We are owed 10% of all sales including cash, card, and order ahead options. No cash sales reported will result in an additional, one time, $50 fee. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand cancellations are part of business.  For late notice cancellations, we charge a fee of $100 to recoup damages for reserving your bay.  Late notice cancellations would be a cancellation within 48 hours from the shift beginning.  

**The cancellation policy is considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation**


We are open rain or shine. We do not give refunds nor do we waive cancellation fees for vendors who choose to cancel. If the event organizers decide to cancel the event due to inclement weather you will be notified with as much notice as possible.


Communicate with us via email at Our phone number is (865) 722-7559‬.

Late Payments

A $15.00 late fee will be billed to all trucks who’s bill goes unpaid beyond 24 hours after the event. Food trucks will continue to be billed a 10% late fee for each 30 days that there is an outstanding balance owed to us. For example on May 1st you canceled your booking for May 2nd. Your $100 cancellation fee is still outstanding on June 1st, therefore you now owe $110.00.

Arrival, Departure / Setup, Breakdown

Lunch service begins at 11:30AM and ends at 3:30PM.  Dinner service begins at 4:30PM and ends at 10:00PM.  Vendors are required to continue serving until 3:00PM for the lunch shift and till at least 8:30PM for the dinner shift.  Setup for lunch to begin as early as 9:00am and for Dinner, 3:45PM.  

Special events- please consult with organizer at

Tennessee Department of Health Food Permit and Sales Tax # / Business License

All Food Trucks and food vendors agree to have a valid Tennessee Department of Health Food Permit. All Food Trucks agree to have a valid Sales Tax # or Business License. If you are visiting with us from out of state, please send an email. We cannot accept food vendors or food trucks without the proper business registration/filings.

Insurance, Risk, Loss, Liability, and Hold Harmless Agreement

Vendors assume sole risk of loss, theft, or damage to their merchandise and property while on the property. Food Trucks will need to email us with a copy of your general liability COI to If you would like to add us to your liability COI (required if doing more than 4 dates per season)

Strange Enterprises DBA Creekside 6729 Malone Creek Dr. Knoxville, TN 37931

Vendors acknowledge that The Strange Enterprises DBA Creekside and their associates, contractors, and employees are not responsible for ensuring the safety of vendors or for protecting the merchandise of vendors from loss, damage, theft, accident, or other miscellaneous causes. The vendor agrees to hold harmless Strange Enterprises DBA Creekside and their employees and associates from any liability, damage, cost, or expense arising from: (A.) Vendor’s use of or activities in or around the vendor’s space(s) or the Marketplace’s grounds and/or (B.) Injury to persons or property resulting from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to any furniture or fixtures in the vendor’s space, merchandise, other property, items sold or exchanged by vendor. All vendors assume full responsibility for all their transactions and merchandise.


The vendor agrees that the following are prohibited from Creekside Food Truck Venue

  • Items that are racist or culturally insensitive
  • Items that are stolen or counterfeited
  • Food or merchandise that has been recalled

-Alcoholic beverages

-Playing music on truck once event has begun

The vendor agrees that Creekside Food Truck Venue reserves the right to prohibit any items being sold, traded, or given away.

50 AMP Service

Creekside will provide 50 AMP service (female plugin).  Vendors are responsible for adapters if required.  


We reserve the right to use all photos taken at the event of your food truck, you, or your food for promotional purposes. We also reserve the right to use other photos that you have available to promote your food or the event.